Why Does My Phone Say “Security Policy Prevents Use Of Camera”?

Phones may show “Security Policy Prevents Use Of Camera” due to settings like administrative controls or malware. Addressing this involves updating software, adjusting permissions, or possibly resetting the device.

Things to Know:

  • Phones may display “Security Policy Prevents Use Of Camera” due to restrictions such as administrative controls or malware.
  • Solutions include updating the phone’s software, checking camera permissions, or resetting the phone.
  • A corrupted camera app or its memory (cache/data) could be a potential cause.
  • For troubleshooting: clear the camera app’s cache, ensure the phone is updated, use safe mode, reset camera settings, or perform a factory reset.
  • To prevent future issues: keep the phone updated, review apps with admin permissions, and be cautious with Wi-Fi network rules.

Understanding the ‘Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera’ Issue

When your phone says ‘Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera,’ it means something on your phone is stopping the camera from working. This can be because of certain settings or rules on your phone.

Sometimes, the camera app’s memory (called cache and data) gets messed up. This can happen as you use the app or after a software update.

Because your phone wants to keep things safe, these settings might disable some features. For instance, it might disable the camera or microphone apps.

5 Solutions to the ‘Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera’ Issue

This error message can be frustrating, but there are several steps you can take to address it:

  1. Refresh Your Camera App: Start by clearing the cache and data of your camera app. Think of it as giving your camera a quick spring cleaning, removing any junk or corrupted files that might be throwing it off track.
  2. Update Your Phone: Ensure your phone’s system is updated. New updates can contain fixes for common issues, potentially solving the camera problem.
  3. Switch to Safe Mode: Booting your phone in safe mode disables third-party apps. This can help identify if any of these apps are causing the camera malfunction.
  4. Reset Camera Settings: If things still aren’t looking up, try resetting your camera app settings to their default. It can sometimes resolve persistent issues.
  5. The Ultimate Fix – Factory Reset: If you’ve tried the steps above and the issue persists, a factory reset might be in order. It’s a bit drastic as it takes your phone back to its initial settings, wiping out everything. However, ensure you back up your data before taking this step.

Remember, the cause of the camera issue can vary. Therefore, you might need to try multiple solutions before finding the one that works for your device.

Steps to Prevent ‘Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera’ Issues in the Future

To avoid the ‘Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera’ message in the future, here are several steps to take:

  • Keep Your Phone Updated: Always update your phone’s operating system when there’s a new version. These updates fix problems and improve security.
  • Check Your Admin Apps: Look at the apps on your phone with administrative permissions. Some of these can affect your camera. Make sure you understand what they do and adjust settings if needed.
  • Watch Your Wi-Fi Connection: When you connect to a secure Wi-Fi network, it might have rules that affect your phone, including the camera. Check your camera settings whenever you connect to a new network to make sure it can work properly.

By following these steps, you can reduce the chances of running into camera issues on your phone.


The ‘Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera’ issue can be caused by several reasons, like admin settings or network rules. It’s important to find the main cause to fix it, which might mean updating your phone or changing app settings. 

By being aware and taking preventive steps, you can use your camera without worries.

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