How To Hide Security Camera Wires Inside

When you want to hide security camera wires, you can start by color-matching the cables to the background. You can also use cord covers and raceways to conceal the cables and paint over them. 

Also, you can hide them behind furniture or under baseboards and false ceilings. There are dozens of options, but you must plan ahead and match the colors as much as possible. 

Things to Know

  • The best way to hide security camera wires is to make them blend in with the color of your wall or background. You can buy cables of a specific color or paint over them.
  • Additionally, you can use concealment tools. These include cord covers, raceways, and flexible tubing. They can hide your cables and also keep them organized. 
  • You can hide cables behind furniture or snake them through false ceilings. However, you might have to rearrange furniture or drill a few holes. 
  • Hiding security camera wires ensures that intruders can’t disable your cameras. Therefore, always make sure to hide cables that are in easy-to-reach outdoor areas. 

8 Ways to Hide Security Camera Wires Inside

There are several ways you can hide the power and data cables of your security cameras. From the initial planning stages to adding the final touches, here’s how you can hide these wires.

  1. Color Match Your Wires: Purchase wires closest to the color of your walls or backgrounds. This in itself reduces the visibility to a great extent.
  2. Pre-Paint Your Wires: If you cannot find the exact color match, you can paint them instead. Pre-painting the wires to match your wall color is an efficient method to camouflage them. Make sure the paint you use holds well on the wire surface. Also, be careful not to smear the connectors.
  3. Use Cord Covers and Raceways: They come in various designs and colors. They can be attached to your walls easily, and you can easily paint over them to match your wall color.
  4. Use Flexible Plastic Tubing or Conduits: These can hide wires and shield them from wear and tear. Flexible tubes can be run along curves or edges. Also, you can color-coordinate or paint them to match your walls.
  5. Use Furniture or False Ceilings: A cost-effective way is to place them behind large pieces of furniture. Similarly, you can snake them through false ceilings to ensure they remain out of sight.
  6. Routing Wires Through Walls: Another effective method is to run them through walls. You can drill holes in strategic locations and hide them. However, be careful when drilling and combine other methods for better concealment.
  7. Utilizing Baseboards: You can also lay the wires along the edge of your baseboards. It’s a common yet effective tactic as the cables are difficult to spot, especially if they share the same colors. Also, you can secure them with wire clips. This ensures the wires lay flat and look tidy.
  8. Add in Decorative Pieces As Distractions: You can hang decorative pieces along the wire path. They draw the eye away and obscure the wires. This helps add aesthetic value to your space as well. 

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 To hide security camera wires, you can color-match them with the background. Additionally, you can use concealment tools. These include cord covers, raceways, and flexible plastic tubing.  

You can also place them behind large furniture and over false ceilings. 

Hiding security camera wires can enhance your surveillance system’s efficiency and maintain aesthetics. It prevents intruders from spotting the camera wires and disabling them. 

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