Arlo’s Monthly Subscription Hike – 60% Increase For A Single Camera

Got that email from Arlo? The one that made your jaw drop as you read that your monthly bill for a single-camera secure subscription was jumping to $7.99?

That’s a hefty 60 percent increase from the previous $4.99—a sticker shock for many, but an even bitterer pill to swallow considering this follows a similar uptick less than a year prior.

It’s déjà vu with a costly twist.

Home Security Budgets are Stretching Thin

Arlo says it’s upping the cost because they’re spending more to create cool new features. Sure, the whole smart home security scene is booming right now—it might grow to a giant $10.4 billion by 2028.

We all want our homes locked down tight with the latest gizmos and smart AI watching our backs. The catch? These high-tech tools aren’t exactly cheap.

I’m not the only one getting tired of price hikes. It’s like what’s happening with streaming services where they keep asking for more money and people are starting to bail.

It’s not long before companies like Arlo and Ring end up pushing us too far to the point where we switch to no-subscription brands like EufyReolink or Lorex.

The Trade-Off: Paying for Premium Security

Arlo’s pricey Secure subscription throws in 30 days of cloud storage, super clear 4K videos, and some clever AI.

They say it’s worth every penny for peace of mind. But it really is worth looking at local storage alternatives to avoid these increasingly hefty monthly fees.

We’re all chasing after better home safety and companies are outdoing themselves to create the next big thing. But maybe they’re forgetting to keep customers happy in the rush.

Arlo’s recent price surge could feel more like a stumble than a stride forward, especially with prices now almost double what they were last year.

But, it’s not just about how much we’re spending. Finding that sweet spot between amazing innovations and staying affordable is key.

Arlo and others need to remember there’s plenty of other fish in the sea—competition is fierce.

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